Greetings and General History

Letter From the Regional Director


I want to introduce myself to everyone as the new Regional Director of the South Central Region. I have very big shoes to fill following Grady Owens who has done a remarkable job for the past 12 years.

I hope members have seen the new BUCKS BACK benefit program for all FCA members which will make membership a more valuable proposition. Members will get a 10% discount from all Authorized Ferrari dealers for service and parts, 10% discounts on shipping your vehicles from Horseless Carriage, TFX and FedEx Auto Transport. Putnam Leasing will offer discounts as well as Skip Barber Race School, etc. FCA will even provide you with a VISA card with your favorite Ferrari photo on in.

While we are on the subject of member benefits, the next time you are Italy, let your dealer or chapter president arrange a coveted owners tour of the Ferrari factory.

More member benefits will continue to accrue to this program over the following year.

The big news for Ferrari Club of America is our new relationship with Ferrari North America and parent Ferrari Spa. which puts to rest any difference of opinion in the use of the their logos or copyrights. The National Board of Directors will be working to update all of our logos and material for a more updated modern look. Our renewed partnership with FNA is stronger than ever supporting our club both philosophically and financially.

Please be sure to keep you cameras handy at all club events so that we may share the experiences with other chapters via our web site and the national Prancing Horse magazine. I will be happy to forward them to our web master and publications coordinator.

The Region continues to remain strong. My goal, as Regional Director, is to cross pollinate ideas from chapter to chapter creating more fun events that encompass social, touring, & racing aspects. While the common thread between all of us is Ferrari, it is the camaraderie of like minded friends that keeps us together. In addition to the beautiful bodywork and the throaty exhaust notes it is the friendships created and maintained that keeps us coming back to club events. Be sure to let your chapter president know of any good ideas you may have to enhance our mutual experience with the club.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship,

Mel Jacobs

Regional Director

General History

The Ferrari Club of America was founded in 1962 by eleven Ferrari enthusiasts to promote driving, restoration and preservation of the Ferrari automobile. Due to the number of FCA members residing in the heavily populated areas of the country, most FCA events were held in these populous areas. Therefore in 1977 the FCA divided the club into geographic areas to enable members in these newly created regions, to conduct events for the members more on a local level.

The South Central Region consists of the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. In 1999 the formation of Chapters within the regions became a reality and the Houston Chapter was formed. During 2002 and 2003 the Hill Country, DFW, Louisiana, and Oklahoma / Arkansas Chapters were also organized completing the SCR organization.

Past Regional Directors - South Central Region

1977 - 1981: Sid Simpson - Houston Texas (Retired and living in Austin Texas)

1981 - 1987: William Strange - Ft Worth Texas (Retired and living in Ft Worth)

1987 - 1996: Bob Smith - Gainesville Texas (Continues to be heavily involved in Ferrari Restoration in Gainesville Texas)

1996 - 2002: Hank Noble - San Antonio Texas (Current member of FCA, living in San Antnio)

2002 - 2006: Al DeLauro - San Antonio Texas (Currently serving as President on the national board of the FCA)

2006 to Present: Grady Owens - Houston Texas

Membership by year - South Central Region

1992 - 122     1996 - 137     2000 - 224     2004 - 251     2008 - 321
1993 - 155     1997 - 157     2001 - 252     2005 - 266
1994 - 152     1998 - 177     2002 - 229     2006 - 299
1995 - 149     1999 - 171     2003 - 217     2007 - 315

Many of you from this area that have been around Ferrari Automobiles for a while may remember Sid Simpson who owned Simpson Automobili which provided service on Ferrari's for many years and pre-dated Ferrari of Houston. Since Sid was the first Regional Director of the SCR, I decided to inquire about the early days of the South Central Region. Sid recalled that the entire region in 1977 had about 50 members and most were from the Dallas area. He said the first FCA event held in the region was a Christmas party in 1977. The event was attended by about 20 club members and was held at Lakeside Country Club located off Memorial Drive in Houston. Besides two or three smaller events, the only other significant event held in the region was in 1980. The event was hosted by Bill Strange in Dallas at the abandoned Arlington Airport (DFW Airport now is the site of the old Arlington Airport). The event included a track event driving on the old runways, a lunch banquet, and a local artist's slide show complete with music. It is worth noting that Sid remembers the slide show as very unusual and certainly memorable.

Sid's comments concluded with, "There were a lot of truly interesting people in the Ferrari Club in those days and I bet not much has changed".

Grady Owens